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Alstom Transport SA

Leading societies to a low carbon future, Alstom develops and markets mobility solutions that provide sustainable foundations for the future of transportation. From high-speed trains, metros, monorails, trams, to turnkey systems, services, infrastructure, signalling and digital mobility, Alstom offers its customers the broadest portfolio in the industry. 150,000 vehicles in service worldwide attest to the company’s proven expertise in project management, innovation, design and technology.


48 rue Albert Dhalenne
Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine Cedex
Number of Rail Employees: 74,000


Control-Command and Signalling

  • On-board control-command and signalling systems and equipment
  • Other (including services, design, consultancy, certification etc.)
  • Safety and protective equipment.
  • Trackside control-command and signalling systems and equipment


  • Electrification systems and components (including overhead lines and the trackside electricity consumption measuring and charging system)
  • Infrastructure systems and components
  • Other (including services, design, consultancy, certification etc.)

Maintenance Services

  • Control-Command and Signalling Maintenance
  • Infrastructure/track maintenance
  • Other
  • Rolling Stock and Vehicle Component Maintenance
  • Supply of maintenance equipment

Rolling Stock

  • Freight wagons
  • High Speed trains (over than 250km/H)
  • Locomotives
  • Long distance and regional passengers trains (up to 250km/H)
  • Other (including services, design, consultancy, certification etc.)
  • Special Vehicles for infrastructure maintenance
  • Urban and suburban trains (including tamways, LRT, metros)

Vehicle Components (according to EN15380-2)

  • Ancillary operating equipment
  • Auxiliary operating equipment
  • Brake
  • Carrier systems, enclosures
  • Control apparatus for train operations
  • Interior appointments
  • Monitoring and safety equipment
  • Other (including services, design, consultancy, certification etc.)
  • Pneumatic/hydraulic equipment
  • Power system, drive unit
  • Vehicle body
  • Vehicle fitting out
  • Vehicle linkage devices






The need for mass transit systems with expanded capacity is steadily increasing; more people need to arrive on time, without compromising on reliability or safety. For any city preparing to meet this future demand, Alstom’s scalable communications-based train control solutions (CBTC) supports the full range of automatic train control technologies.



An effective response to transport authorities’ needs for enhanced energy efficiency, Hesop optimises the energy consumed in metro, tramway and suburban rail operations. 


High Speed Trains

Alstom’s Avelia high- and very-high-speed train range covers maximum operating speeds between 200 km/h and 350 km/h. Models can be either single-deck or double deck, and with or without tilting technology. With a large portfolio, Avelia solutions are the largest offering on the market for high-speed and very-high-speed solutions. 


Hydrogen and battery solutions

As a leader in sustainable mobility, Alstom has developed a wide range of green and innovative technologies to reduce emissions and pollution in catenary-free operation. Customers can choose from a wide portfolio of proven solutions based on Alstom’s unrivalled expertise in both hydrogen and battery propulsion solutions. Alstom partners its customers to identify the best solution for their needs. 


Train operations & System maintenance

Alstom’s train operations & system maintenance offering covers the full spectrum of customer needs, including operations for all types of fleets, maintenance for trains, rail systems and infrastructure, as well as turnkey and Private Public Partnership (PPP) solutions.With over 50 active train operations and system maintenance projects worldwide, Alstom has a solid track record and a satisfied customer base, with a contract renewal rate of over 95 percent.

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