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Dual Inventive

Dual Inventive was founded in 2008 in the Netherlands. Being a technology-solutions-based company, we develop and produce innovative technology products that help people in the rail sector work safely and efficiently, maximising capacity and improving reliability.

Our values; revolutionary, reliable and co-inventive are important to us, it’s how we think and operate as a business. Providing high-quality products and service to our customers.


Dual Inventive Holding B.V., Belgiestraat 5
5061 KG
Number of Rail Employees: 100+


Control-Command and Signalling

  • Safety and protective equipment.





CRM 3000 - 24/7 Rail temperature and object alignment monitoring with NB-IoT technology

The CRM 3000 is a sensor which monitors rail temperature and object alignments, such as signs, relay cabinets or signals. It has a long operating life because it uses low-power connectivity technology NB-IoT and is operational for five years on its internal batteries. The CRM 3000 enables the user to monitor temperatures on track effectively by using Dual Inventive’s mobile app giving the user the ability to set thresholds and receive push notifications once the temperature reaches a critical point improving both efficiency and productivity, targeting resources to critical areas.


RDI 3000 - Remote Detonator Installer

The RDI 3000 is a safety device for activating and deactivating the combination of a LED light, flag and detonator. The product not only provides a visual warning as a train approaches a safety zone but also an acoustic signal up to the range of 162 db. The purpose of the signal is activated to warn both the track worker and the train driver as the train/wagon accidentally enters the safety zone. It can be operated remotely using the MTinfo3000 app.


RSS 3000 - Remote switching relay rooms

The RSS 3000 stands for Remote Safety Switch 30000. It is installed inside the relay room or cabinet, for more permanent installations. It can be switched remotely in a matter of seconds without the need for staff to be on location. When switched, a section is immediately blocked, enabling rail workers to perform work on track safely. This is currently under development, it will be available at the end of 2022


ZKL 3000 RC - Remote controlled Track Circuit Operating Device TCOD

The ZKL 3000 RC is a Network Rail approved, preinstalled, SIL-4 rated, remotely operated Track Circuit Operating Device. It enables rail workers to perform work efficiently and safely. It has been designed to be both simple to install and cost-effective.The system can remain in track and be switched remotely in a matter of seconds, removing the need to enter the 4’ to place or remove protection once installed. The ZKL 3000 RC is (de-)activated by an app on a smartphone or tablet.

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