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GESTE Engineering S.A.

Founded in 1999, GESTE Engineering is an independent private engineering company owned by its CEO M. Mossi as the only shareholder.

More than 100 employees are providing their expertise for railways stakeholders such as railway undertakers (SNCF, SPENO…), infrastructure managers (SNCF, Infrabel, CFF…), assessors (Certifer…) and railway suppliers (Siemens, TSC…).

Our services cover all project phases from the feasibility studies, project execution until its commissioning and maintenance.


Rue de la Gare de Triage 5 1020
Number of Rail Employees: 50


Maintenance Services

  • Other

Rolling Stock

  • Other (including services, design, consultancy, certification etc.)


  • Other (including services, design, consultancy, certification etc.)

Control-Command and Signalling

  • Safety and protective equipment.

Vehicle Components (according to EN15380-2)

  • Other (including services, design, consultancy, certification etc.)

Telecommunications systems

  • Other (including services, design, consultancy, certification etc.)






Advanced skills and broad experience are needed to guarantee mastery of this wide range of technology and its multiple components and interfaces, from the production of energy to the end user. Our project managers, engineers and technicians have the knowledge and experience necessary to execute your energy projects with professionalism and efficiency.Overhead line, Power supply, Electrical substations, Cables, Low voltage, Earthing, Telecom, GTC/SCADA


RAMS, Fire safety and Flows

GESTE’s safety and quality specialists bring their knowledge of transport systems, considerable international experience, a thorough mastery of specific standards and applicable methods and analysis tools. By following a global, systemic and trans-disciplinary approach, taking into account the requirements and constraints of the surrounding environment, they can ensure effective risk management and the quality of the systems throughout their life cycle.Safety: RAMS studies, Risk analysis, Safety files, QualityFire safety : Safety concept, warning, intervention and rescue, Fire safety, Fire resistance of materials
Flows: Ventilation, Aero and Thermodynamics, Fire Simulations and Tests, Evacuation, Pedestrian flows


System Engineering

GESTE team of engineers, technicians and experts have solid multidisciplinary experience in managing complex projects and implementing true system engineering. For example, we are involved in constructing new railway or metro lines as the systems engineer in charge of interfaces. We also have solid experience as a system architect and interface manager for the deployment of global signalling systems such as CBTC and ETCS, systems with numerous interfaces between equipment, infrastructure, safety


Track, Equipement and Vehicle

GESTE, drawing on solid experience and excellent technical and operating knowledge, supports railway network managers in planning and implementing their track construction or renewal projects throughout the project’s life, from calculating the route to overseeing construction work and its handover.

Track: Normal, metre gauge and rack railway lines, Track equipment, Spur track, Drainage, Profile

Equipement: Electromechanical equipment, Safety equipment, Depot equipment, Platform Screen Doors

Vehicle: Rolling stock, On-board signalling, Bogies, Energy, Aerodynamics, Pressure waves, Safety


Signalling and automation

Signalling and automation activities include services for concept, installation, validation and commissioning of:

  • safety devices (trackside, on-board – ERTMS or rolling stock)
  • signalisation signs
  • track circuit

Reference project : LEB tunnel, Gothard tunnel, modernisation contract with CFF, Audits for SNCF réseau, Infrabel and IDFM, interoperability projects with SNCF (HPMV)

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