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PROVER Technology AB

Railway Signaling Automation with Formal Methods and Digital Twins. We digitalize the railway by implementing Signaling Design Automation leveraging expertise on Formal Methods.

Prover offers a range of software tools and services to meet the needs of infrastructure managers looking to improve the safety, reliability, and efficiency of their rail control systems. If you are looking for someone to support your rail control project, here are a few reasons why you should consider Prover.


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Number of Rail Employees: 35


Control-Command and Signalling

  • Trackside control-command and signalling systems and equipment
  • Safety and protective equipment.
  • Other (including services, design, consultancy, certification etc.)





Prover iLock

The desktop tool for producing fully documented, tested and verified application software for railway interlocking systems.Key Features

  • Build digital twins
  • Inspect, simulate and verify
  • Generate code for your target platform

Prover iLock has been used in many projects around the world. It can be used as a modeling tool for the production of digital twins, as well as for code generation of signaling systems control software. It has been used for the creation of signaling systems code meeting th


Prover Studio

Prover Studio helps you develop, manage and maintain formal specifications.Key Features

  • Write specifications in HLL, sHLL, LCF or PiSPEC
  • Navigate in specifications
  • Have mistakes pointed out as you type

A key element of the Prover Trident process is the Generic Application that formalizes the signaling requirements for your rail control applications using the PiSPEC and LCF languages. Prover Studio is a development environment for these languages, as well as for HLL and sHLL


Prover Certifier

The leading sign-off verification tool that allows you to automatically produce complete safety evidence using formal verification.Key Features

  • Do sign-off formal verification for SIL 4 projects
  • Handle software in C, ADA and several domain-specific languages
  • Simplify your safety case by referring to our certificate

Prover Certifier has been approved by TÜV NORD as a CENELEC EN50128-compliant T2 tool for SIL 4 applications.

Additional information

Rail transportation such as railroads, metros, commuter rail, trams, are among the most energy efficient and environmental friendly means of transportation. The capacity of transporting many passengers is vital for well functioning urban areas. Electric cars are a good complement, but not nearly as energy efficient nor high capacity as rail transportation

Trains are faster, more economical, safer and greener. To reach our climate goals the capacity of rail transportation needs to increase significantly. At Prover we are committed to contribute to a sustainable and safe world. We provide solutions for the engineering of safety critical systems that control trains, signals and switches.

Prover provides solutions for Signaling Design Automation that reduce time and cost with up to 50% for the commissioning of train control systems, with improved safety.

At Prover, we’ve found the formula for a successful rail control project to be threefold:

  1. focus on the requirement specifications,
  2. use automation to develop the systems,
  3. apply formal and automated methods to prove that requirements and safety are fulfilled.

We provide software tools and services to support this process. Ranging from capturing and formalizing requirements, creating a Digital Twin to gain control of the system, designing and developing the code, and finally verify that the system is safe meeting strict certification requirements at reasonable cost, e.g. CENELEC SIL 4.