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RazorSecure are rail cyber security specialists, with deep expertise in assessing the risks of railway systems and deploying solutions exclusively designed to monitor and protect networks and systems against cyber risks within rolling stock, signaling and infrastructure environments.


Belvedere House, Suite G7
RG21 4HG
United Kingdom
SME: Yes
Number of Rail Employees: 50


Rolling Stock

  • Other (including services, design, consultancy, certification etc.)

Control-Command and Signalling

  • Other (including services, design, consultancy, certification etc.)

Telecommunications systems

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RazorSecure Delta

Intrusion Detection System supported by powerful edge-processing capabilities. RazorSecure Delta continuously monitors the behaviour of individual systems and traffic across the full network in real-time, to quickly detect, alert and respond to malicious activity and security violations that are outside of normal operation patterns. Powered by machine learning, Delta is designed specifically for rail on-board and wayside applications, with host or network-based deployment modes.


RazorSecure Security Gateway

EN50155 approved Security Gateway platform to enforce secure separation of critical networks. Acting as a barrier between key areas of your network; the EN50155 RazorSecure Security Gateway with an out-of-the-box integration of RazorSecure’s Delta anomaly detection software, to provide a comprehensive protection and monitoring solution for safety-critical systems.


RazorSecure Echo

Optimising the real-time monitoring of rolling stock and wayside infrastructure.
Modern trains are highly digitised and may contain hundreds of on-board IT and OT systems. Getting a realtime accurate view of the status and availability of these systems is critical in ensuring their availability, and the planning of effective maintenance. RazorSecure Echo provides a simple solution for the monitoring of a fleet’s entire collection of on-board systems.


RazorSecure Digital Maintenance Gateway

Reduce maintenance time and cost, and enhance cyber security.RazorSecure’s Digital Maintenance Gateway eliminates dedicated service laptops, makes better use of skilled maintenance staff and improves on-board cyber security. The solution achieves this through deployment of a dedicated system on-board the train that provides a managed point of access and a secure environment to run maintenance applications.

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