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Škoda Transportation a.s.

Škoda Group is a leading Czech manufacturer of public transport solutions with a portfolio of modern vehicles that meet the latest standards. Every year the company introduces new products that successfully find their place on world markets. With a tradition of more than 160 years in the field of vehicle production, these products are machines that have been proven by time and experience. Škoda Group offers complex solutions for transport in cities and beyond.


nám. Emila Škody 2922/1
301 00
Czech Republic
Number of Rail Employees: 7,000


Maintenance Services

  • Other
  • Rolling Stock and Vehicle Component Maintenance
  • Supply of maintenance equipment

Rolling Stock

  • Long distance and regional passengers trains (up to 250km/H)
  • Urban and suburban trains (including tamways, LRT, metros)

Telecommunications systems

  • On-board telecommunications systems and equipment

Vehicle Components (according to EN15380-2)

  • Air conditioning
  • Auxiliary operating equipment
  • Control apparatus for train operations
  • Electrical wiring
  • Information facilities
  • Monitoring and safety equipment
  • Power system, drive unit
  • Vehicle body
  • Vehicle fitting out






Škoda Group is designer and manufacturer of propulsion and auxiliary systems for locomotives powered from AC and DC overhead lines. They have been installed in a wide range of train sets like the express and fast passenger trains as well as cargo trains. The locomotives with Škoda equipment provide a new travel comfort on tracks and comply with the newest standards and regulations including valid TSI fulfilment.


Long distance and regional passengers trains

RegioPanters are designed for reliable and environmentally friendly regional operation. Regional trains have to meet a number of requirements, all of which vary from region to region. As a result, each vehicle is unique and is fully adapted to its operating environment. Škoda Group also focuses on making passengers feel comfortable, so that travelling by train becomes a memorable experience that passengers want to repeat.


Monitoring and safety equipment

The anti-collision system for rolling stock from Škoda Group is born to create safer and more intelligent public transport for modern cities. Using a sensor suite that includes LiDAR, an IMU unit and a camera, the system creates a virtual tunnel in front of the tram, in which it detects all static and dynamic obstacles and, if necessary, provides early warning of impending danger.


Urban and suburban trains (including tramways, LRT, metros)

The modern low-floor trams of the ForCity family are an intelligent solution for public urban transportation. The broad ForCity product portfolio offers solutions for all climates and terrains. In addition, an individual approach to each client ensures that the vehicles are fully adapted to the conditions of each specific city. Long experience in tram production makes Škoda Group a trusted partner for urban transport operators.

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